Terms and Conditions

Kingdom Over Culture Marketing Packages

• The investment for this Marketing Package is a 3 Month Commitment.

• This Agreement will be provided on a month-to month-basis after the 3 month term.

• This Agreement is to be held by both parties and must include active participation and open communication.  All payments must be made up front prior to the start of the campaigns.

• A 7 day notice is required if you are unsatisfied with the results of the campaign to cancel the next month, or to have an additional month for free if results are not acquired. Once work has begun, there will be no refunds during the 3 month term.



Refunds can be requested prior to the beginning of kicking off the campaigns.


Payment is due before services are provided.

Payment Breakdown is the following:

• Marketing Package: (Monthly/Quarterly )

• Start Up Fee: $500.00  (One Time Payment )

• Late Fees will be charged if payment is not received within 3 business days of due date.

After 5 business days, services will be terminated and a re-activation fee of $100.00 will be charged to continue services.

If payment is not received in a month, 50% of monthly commitment is still due.  


Need help?

Contact us at info@kingdomoverculture.net for questions related to refunds and marketing packages.